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Restaurant Hardwood Flooring and Maintenance

Sexton Complete Care Restaurant & Hospitality

When you first opened your restaurant your focus was on all the little details from the lighting to the floor. Over time you may not pay attention to their appearance details as you focus in on day to day operations. However, these items are what distinguishes your restaurant floors from your competition. Our focus on periodic maintenance programs will enable your operation to retain an ongoing high level appearance level and enable you to project the image you designed into your restaurant initially.

Floor care services that will make you smile

Floor care services that will make you smile change hardwood maintenance to floor maintenance whether you have hardwood, carpet tile or concrete it is well established by independent researchers that dirty floors are a turnoff to restaurant patrons. We have 45 years’ experience in dealing with and understanding the particular problems that are developed in a food service environment. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and delighted after our floor care service.  This is particular striking on hardwood floors.

Customer service that leaves you satisfied

Customer service that leaves you happy. We offer things that are hard to find in today’s work environment. We bring promptness, courtesy and competence to our work. We schedule the work in the manner that works best for you. We avoid interrupting your operation. Because of our extreme knowledge and experience we can rejuvenate most wood floors without sanding.


Regular Installation & Maintenance of Hardwood Flooring

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

On-Site Drapery Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Concrete Maintenance & Refinishing

Hardwood Installation routine to periodic

Wood Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

It is important to develop a periodic maintenance program for your wood floors. Clean floors avoid customers slips and falls and that avoids lawsuits. Regular maintenance will cut down on costly repairs and significantly enhance your ambiance. Regular periodic maintenance is a winner! This is why we develop budget billing to make it easy for you to have good regular maintenance.

Hardwood Refinishing, Maintenance & Repair

By implanting a regular periodic floor maintenance program, you can stay ahead of the curve. If you implement regular periodic maintenance you avoid the necessity for sanding ever again. Sanding is not only disruptive but shortens the life of your floor.  We are all about extending the life of your floors and cutting your overall operating costs.  Make your days easier, take advantage of our experience and knowledge.


We Clean Carpet & Upholstery

The fact that we use portable equipment provides you with an enhanced security. No doors need to remain open to provide access to hoses.


Dirty upholstery is an immediate turn off to your guests


If concrete is not maintained it is a floor that projects a “we don’t care attitude” no one wants that! If you have concrete floors find out how we can help you restore its appearance.