We have been providing floor repairs and maintenance for Chicago businesses since 1971

Providing Businesses with Floor Care Since 1971

When you’re in the hospitality industry, you know that it can get messy. Here at Sexton Complete Care, we handle the mess for you so that your restaurant flooring looks fantastic through the years. Our experience in restaurant flooring maintenance gives us an edge over the competition because we know how essential it is to save you money in the long run.

Whether you have hardwood flooring in your business, or you use tile, we’ve got your needs covered. Our goal is to save you time and money when you need commercial hardwood flooring, and to give you complete customer satisfaction.

Our floor care company services

Hardwood Flooring

We offer comprehensive service for wood flooring to make your life easier. We know that hardwood maintenance takes time and skill to get right, and we always strive to exceed your expectations. Let us know if you require hardwood floor installation, or simply want maintenance for longevity, and we’ll get started.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

When you need upholstery cleaning for restaurants, we’ve got you covered. We use quality materials and products to ensure you get fantastic results that you customers will love. Commercial carpet cleaning is available for all sizes of space, and we pride ourselves in the quality results

Concrete Maintenance & Refinishing

More and more restaurants are selecting different types of concrete finish; polished, stained etc. However, these also require a comprehensive maintenance program to protect your initial investment and maintain your desired look.  Sexton Complete Care specializes in developing a maintenance program designed to fit your particular needs and budget.

Tile Cleaning

Hospitality flooring comes in all styles and designs, and if you have tile, you’ll need it cleaned on a regular basis. We provide superior restaurant tile cleaning services that will make your space look wonderful and clean.

Drapery and Furniture

When you work in the restaurant and hospitality industry, it’s virtually impossible to keep your space clean during the duration of your services. People will spill drinks and drop forks, and even the smallest stains can seem like a big blemish when you want to impress your guests.

Flooring For Restaurants!

Don’t trust your commercial wood flooring needs to just anyone. We have experience working with restaurants and know that their floors require special attention to maintain integrity and attraction. Restaurant flooring is our specialty, and you’ll notice after every project we complete. Our commercial hardwood flooring services are comprehensive, affordable, and exactly what you need to have beautiful and durable floors in your restaurant.

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Preventative Flooring Maintenance Plans

Periodic Preventative Maintenance is a signature concept of Sexton Complete Care. It means that a maintenance program is designed for each individual food service facility based on its specific needs.

The cost of maintaining floors in institutional and commercial facilities can be substantial, and a natural, knee-jerk reaction to hard economic times is to reduce or eliminate programs deemed to have little or no value. Floor maintenance often falls under the watchful eye of management and can easily become one of the first budget cuts. Although this action might reduce costs in the short term, it can be a detrimental decision in the long term.So among the most important tasks for managers in cost-justifying the organization’s investment in floor care is ensuring they make smart decisions when specifying equipment and chemicals for these tasks.

Budget Billing Plan

We also have available a Budget Billing plan which enables you to split your maintenance cost over a 12-month period. This means your monthly P & L will accurately reflect your maintenance costs. This will enable you to easily maintain a regular periodic maintenance with all its benefits, without unexpected financial impact.